14:34 / 15.09.2022

Analysts talk about participation of Uzbek “warriors” in the Russian war 

On September 10, the “Butusov Plus” channel on the YouTube network published a video in which several Uzbeks who participated in the Russian war were captured by the Ukrainian military.

According to the comment placed under the video, the situation occurred when fighters of the 25th airborne brigade of Ukraine clashed with Russian troops on the outskirts of Balaklia.

During the interrogation of 2 prisoners who were captured, it was identified that they were from Uzbekistan. One said that he was a migrant in Russia and was forced to go to war because he worked illegally in Moscow. And the other said that he was a student and was hired to go to war to earn money.

In the video, both of the captives stated that they were from Samarkand.

Kun.uz searched for the causes of same problem and conducted an analytical interview. Our interlocutors were the Chairman of “Ezgulik” Human Rights Society Abdurakhmon Tashanov and political analyst Kamoliddin Rabbimov.

Kun.uz: -

Let’s look at the causes of such a terrible problem as the participation of Uzbeks as mercenary fighters in wars in various countries in recent years, first of all from the perspective of education.

So, what is the role of education in developing the worldview of young people today, strengthening universal human values, and not finding the correct compass of values in adult life?

Kamoliddin Rabbimov: -

In this regard, I studied the school and higher education system of foreign and especially legal countries and compared it with the experience of Uzbekistan. Everyone knows that the segment that forms the worldview of a citizen in Uzbekistan is the weakest place in Uzbekistan’s education. Both in public and higher education, the number and potential of subjects that give young people a compass in the global society is extremely narrow and shallow.

For example, in Western European countries, the United States of America, Japan or South Korea, certain global knowledge is given to young people when they graduate from school or higher education so that they do not lose their way. This is the main task of education in these countries. In this regard, there are very big problems in the education of Uzbekistan.

In the outside world, the state pays great attention to the formation of a class of teachers in this field, their programs. Yes, biology, chemistry, mathematics are also important, but these are specialized subjects. That is, they are removed from the mind of any person after a certain period of time. But communication with the society, worldview is something that cannot be forgotten.

That is why, in legal states, the issue of resolving the issue through dialogue without using force is in the main place.

Uzbekistan is a country of young people, and what is the outlook of young people in such a country and society? It is difficult to answer this question. I repeat, the network of sciences that shape our worldview is very narrow.

Abdurakhmon Tashanov: -

The Russian writer Tolstoy said: “You walk such a long distance before the age of five that the rest of your life is one step”. I would like to start the discussion from the preschool education.

Now the issue of preschool education is being raised a lot, the coverage of children in kindergartens has increased. A separate ministry was also opened for this purpose.

But we lost our children’s childhood during the previous 30 years. We could not give them a proper education. Our children grew up seeing the hardships of adults. That is, if you look at it from the perspective of the family, they grew up thinking first of all about the family’s economic situation.

Yes, I agree with Mr. Kamoliddin, the quality of education is really low. Also, children have not thought about society and global problems, because adults have not thought about them.

One can watch the full interview in the video above.

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