11:53 / 15.09.2022
Samarkand preparing for an important summit (photo report)

The 22nd summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will be held in Samarkand on September 15-16. Before the start of this prestigious international conference, Samarkand is displaying a completely new image. The ancient city is ready to receive visitors today.

Unprecedented construction and improvement works were carried out in the ancient city. Perennial ornamental trees and flowers were planted on city streets. The central streets were paved again. Energy-saving lighting fixtures have been installed.

The air gate of the city – Samarkand International Airport was newly built and put into operation. Now it can accept all types of aircraft.

The venue of the event, the “Silk Road Samarkand” tourist center, was built and commissioned within two years. A wonderful city has been built on an area of about 260 hectares on the coast of the rowing canal: 2 five-star and 6 four-star hotels have been built.

The main events of the SCO summit will be held here at the Congress Center.

Local personnel who have gained experience in foreign countries have been hired to work in the five-star Samarkand Regency Amir Temur hotel, where the Russian delegation will stay.

Front office manager Guzal Nazarova worked in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. She worked for 8 years at Qatar Airways, one of the world’s few luxury airlines, and gained experience. Now she decided to share her foreign experiences in Uzbekistan.

The cluster general manager of Silk Road Minyoun and lia! by Minyoun stars of Ulugbek hotels, Charlie Yang, said that the upcoming event is a great opportunity for the hotel’s successful operation in the future and emphasized the increase of personal experience in providing services to important people.

These expensive and luxurious hotels are not built only for this event. Artyom Sosnin, director of trade and marketing of the SILK ROAD SAMARKAND tourism center, said that the hotels are already being ordered by tourists, international organizations, and sports organizations. The holding of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in this complex will be a good start for the future activity of the complex, the expert said.

Of course, the jewel of the tourist center is the “Eternal City” ethno-city. Craftsmen’s workshops, trade stalls, and national food centers were built here according to ancient architectural traditions.

Most importantly, a huge arboretum has appeared on 170 hectares. The number of trees planted there is more than 25,000. There are countless bushes, shrubs and flowers. The chief agronomist of the complex, Yorkin Khojiyev, told us about the work done.

“Each tree was given special attention. The chemical composition of the soil, the fertilizers given to the trees – everything is taken into account. The area is a very difficult place. Because the underground waters are near. In addition, 95% of the trees are imported. We kept them in a greenhouse for 2 years to adapt them to the local dry climate,” Yorkin Khojiyev says.

It should be noted that the Samarkand rowing canal, which is one of three in the world, was also renovated. It will continue to perform its function and host national and international sports competitions in the future. A Samarkand flotilla consisting of 9 ships was established in the channel. Also 6 more light boats have been delivered. Catamarans of the old rowing canal are also being renovated. So, the canal is specialized in taking tourists and local residents for a walk along the canal during non-sports events.

Flotilla boatman Mamikon Akopyan, an Armenian sailor who has been a boatman on sailing frigates for many years, is teaching local young men how to operate a ship.

One of the most attractive areas in the tourist center of Samarkand is the musical fountain, which at night is illuminated by several different lights and can simultaneously shoot water up to 50 meters.

In a word, Samarkand prepared very well for an important international event. As a souvenir of this event, hotels that meet world standards, a huge park, and playgrounds remained. The city streets were beautified. Tens of thousands of trees, shrubs and flowers were planted.

After the Shanghai Cooperation Organization events, this wonderful town will be opened to both local residents and foreign tourists, and will become a wonderful leisure destination. Now it’s time to protect this masterpiece like the apple of an eye.

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