10:00 / 16.09.2022

Mass poisoning of children occurs in a kindergarten in Fergana

News about the poisoning of 41 children in a preschool educational institution in Altiarik district of Fergana region spread on social networks. The regional prosecutor’s office provided official information.

Photo: Kun.uz

On September 14, 2022, at around 18:00, 8 minors educated in state kindergarten No. 39 in the district were admitted to the Altiarik district medical association with a primary diagnosis of alimentary diarrhea (disorder of the digestive system due to an unbalanced diet). The general condition of patients is satisfactory.

On September 14, parents of 33 children of the registered institution turned to the medical institution for a medical examination of their children’s health.

The symptoms of the disease were not identified in them, 20 were kept in the hospital under observation, and 13 were discharged from the hospital.

On this fact, the Altiarik district prosecutor’s office is currently conducting an investigation. Appropriate samples have been taken for expert examination, and forensic examinations have been appointed.

The investigation has been supervised by the regional prosecutor’s office.