14:25 / 19.09.2022

Ministry of Preschool Education comments on information about poisoning of 50 kindergarten children in Karshi

Reports circulated on social networks that the pupils of one of the preschool institutions in the city of Karshi were poisoned by poor-quality food, which was fed to children in kindergarten.

Photo: MIFTFotolia / Tom Wang

As the press service of the Ministry of Preschool Education reported, referring to an official letter from the head of the Sanitary Epidemiological Welfare Department of the city of Karshi, one of the pupils of the kindergarten was admitted to the department of the regional infectious diseases hospital with acute diarrhea.

“During the medical examination, the patient had diarrhea, nausea, weakness and fever. At the moment, the patient’s health condition is good, treatment is being carried out,” the report reads.

According to the City Sanitary Epidemiological Welfare Department, the infectious diseases hospital registered no case of food poisoning of children brought up in this preschool organization.

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