18:59 / 22.10.2022

Uzbek women captivated in India waiting for governmental rescue 

Kun.uz received an appeal from a group of Uzbek women who went to India in 2021 to work and fell into the hands of human traffickers.

In the video message, it is stated that six women are currently living in a difficult situation and are being treated like slaves, and their honor is being violated. The woman, who introduced herself as being from Samarkand region, said that she went to work in India a year ago and was a victim of fraud there. Five more Uzbek women remain in captivity next to her.

It turned out that she was deceived by her friends - two women from Samarkand, N.N. and Z.J. They took the woman to India and sold her to A.J. from Turkmenistan, and her passport was forcibly seized. After that, the woman was forced to engage in prostitution.

The petitioner says that there are a lot of people out there who have been duped like her. In her appeal, the woman expressed her hope that government assistance would be provided to them. According to her, she has three children in the city of Samarkand, two of them are minors.

The Embassy of Uzbekistan in India is also aware of this situation. However, women still remain in slavery in India due to their lack of language skills and limited recourse.

We contacted Dilshod Akhatov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to India, regarding this situation. The ambassador said that he is aware of those women. The reason why the women entered India illegally is currently being investigated by the country’s law enforcement agencies. The ambassador said that legal assistance is being provided to the women, but the women in captivity cannot leave the country until the investigation is completed. They can be repatriated to Uzbekistan after the case is completed.

The petitioner has left her contact details (Kun.uz has the woman’s Telegram number) and is waiting for help from the government. She asked not to disclose her name for her safety.

The video also shows the brutal beating of the captive woman.

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