15:47 / 28.10.2022

Law enforcement bodies investigating the case related to circulation of counterfeit 200,000-soum banknotes

There are reports that 200,000 soum bills are being counterfeited in Uzbekistan. So, citizens are advised to be careful when dealing with them. In an interview with a Kun.uz correspondent, an expert gave his recommendations on distinguishing counterfeit money.

Oybek Yusupov, chief expert of the main expert-criminology center under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, said that there are many ways to distinguish fake money from a genuine one.

“First of all, when dealing with cash in the streets, markets and stores, you can hear the sound of a bill when it is folded. It sounds louder than the real one. In this case, the bill must not have fallen into water and not worn out.

Second, the banknotes have a blue micro-optical security thread with a “sliding” effect.

Third, the serial number is clearly visible and has bulges. The fake ones have no such features,” the expert said.

Photos shared on social media show how to quickly spot a counterfeit note. The image of the “pomegranate” symbolizing the famous Kuva pomegranate in the central part of the fake banknote, as well as the micro-optical security thread with the international abbreviation of the name of Uzbekistan, appear to have been painted with a plain color. If those images are rubbed with a fingernail, the paint will come off.

However, many people do not pay attention to this aspect. It is especially difficult to spot counterfeit money in the package during the transaction. In addition, the expert noted that there are other ways to distinguish between real and fake bills.

“In particular, special equipment will be needed. The simplest and most convenient thing can be a magnifying glass, because anyone can easily use it. Magnifiers can be found in stores,” the expert Oybek Yusupov said.

Experts say that the special green element located on the right and left sides of the front of 200,000-soum banknotes is intended for people with low vision and allows to determine the banknote’s value due to the embossed nature of the paint. Counterfeit bills do not have embossing.

We can also see the words “UZB 200000 SO‘M” in red on the green background of the ornament under UV light.

Experts noted that if citizens doubt the authenticity of cash they have, they can contact the main center of Expert Criminalistics under the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The ministerial official commented on the situation shown in the video spread on the Internet – an investigation is underway regarding counterfeit 200,000-soum banknotes put into circulation.

“Individuals who issued the money were detained on the case of forgery of 200,000 bills. Measures are being taken to find out where the money was made, and investigation processes are ongoing,” Oybek Yusupov, chief expert of the main center of expert criminalistics under the MIA, said.

It should be recalled that the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan announced that 200,000-soum banknotes were put into circulation on July 15 of this year.

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