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Germany and Uzbekistan have differing views on Taliban, says German FM Baerbock

The German government wants to take thousands of Afghans out of the country through Uzbekistan. This issue was discussed by the foreign ministers of the two countries in Tashkent.

On November 1, the issue of Afghanistan was raised at the briefing held by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Vladimir Norov and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany Annalena Baerbock for media representatives in Tashkent, correspondent reports.

“Since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in September 2021, life has not been easy for you. Because the hotbed of crises is just at your doorstep. Since last summer, the Taliban have been robbing women of their right to education and freedom. That is why Afghans live in fear; living and surviving are two different things.

Currently, the federal government has decided to take thousands of Afghans out of the country every month through Uzbekistan to Germany. First of all, it will be the Afghan citizens who are under the most pressure. We discussed with Vladimir Norov how to take them out through Uzbekistan,” correspondent quoted the German Foreign Minister as saying.

After the briefing, Vladimir Norov, answering the question of an Uzbekist24 reporter, noted that Uzbekistan is helping Afghanistan, working to establish peace there and prevent a humanitarian crisis. Also, Norov expressed the opinion that the international community should help in returning Afghanistan’s assets frozen abroad and aid in reconstructing the infrastructure there.

After Vladimir Norov’s answer, Annalena Baerbock said that she does not agree with Uzbekistan on this matter and Germany opposes the actions of the current Afghan government.

“We have no right to abandon the citizens of Afghanistan to their fate, we will not do that. In recent months, we have seen the crises and situations that have been happening there. Winter is nearing, and it brings its own challenges. As a federal government, we will continue to help people in Afghanistan. We highly appreciate the work Uzbekistan is doing in Afghanistan.

However, I see that Germany and Uzbekistan have different views on this issue. Because we believe that the Taliban has stolen people’s freedom in Afghanistan. I would like to use this opportunity to say that we are against what the current government of Afghanistan is doing,” Annalena Baerbock said.

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