18:22 / 08.11.2022
Assistant khokim detained in Jizzakh for accepting $2,000 in bribe 

Sharof Rashidov district khokim’s assistant in the “Oktosh ota” mahalla said that he would give $1,000 of the money he receives from a businessman to the first deputy khokim of the district.

As it turned out, the deputy khokim told the citizens that the construction of 10 greenhouses under construction by the business entity as a supplier had not been completed, and he would help to transfer the money for them in the amount of 330 million soums to the LLC account managed by the entrepreneur.

The khokim’s assistant promised that the transfer of money for the unfinished greenhouses requires the approval of the first deputy khokim of Sharof Rashidov district, and that he would solve the issue if he was given $1,000 and another $1,000 to himself.

On October 17, 2022, the khokim’s assistant was caught with material evidence when he received the $2,000 demanded from the businessman in front of a CNG filling station in Sharof Rashidov district in the salon of his Nexia car.

In connection with the situation, a criminal case was initiated under relevant Articles of the Criminal Code.

Earlier, the assistant khokim of Guzor district, Kashkadarya region, was caught red-handed while taking $300 from a citizen in exchange for employment.

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