13:34 / 13.12.2022

Gas explosion kills one in Kokand

One person died as a result of a gas explosion in an apartment in the city of Kokand, Fergana region. 

Photo: Kun.uz

On December 12 at 15:24, according to the message received by the short number "101" of the Kokand city emergencies department, D.N., born in 1991, living at house 101/13, Alisher Navoi district, died from a gas explosion in his house.

During the study, it was found that the owner of the apartment lit a match to check the availability of gas in the house and at this very moment an explosion occurred as a result of a mixture of gas and air.

As a result, D.N. died at the scene. His brother B.N. was admitted to the Kokand City Medical Center with burns on different parts of his body.

Kokand city prosecutor’s office is conducting an investigation into the case.

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