15:46 / 15.12.2022

Deputy from Namangan files an application for early termination of his mandate due to his electricity-related post on Facebook 

Recently, the post of MP Muzaffar Jamoliddinov on his Facebook page caused many objections. In it, the deputy from Namangan reminded those who complained about electricity and gas that “even if you light a candle, sit at home, not in the DIA cell”. In an interview with the media, the deputy stated that this post was not written to threaten.

Photo: Namangan city administration information service

The head of the secretariat of the Council of People’s Deputies of Namangan district, deputy Muzaffar Jamoliddinov deleted the post that caused the “uproar” and replaced it with another post. He deleted his post, which caused public outrage, saying that it was posted incorrectly.

“Many people took my thoughts as an open threat. How can I threaten someone if I am not a person authorized to do so, i.e. a person from a sanctioning body? A deputy is actually a representative of the people,” he said in an interview with Daryo.uz.

“I posted because there are other concerns in life besides electricity and gas shortages”

“Five years ago, in 2017, I was kept in pretrial detention for 10 months. I was released after the trial, and the conviction was subsequently expunged. Based on this, I made a post assuming that there are other concerns in life besides the shortage of electricity and gas, and these problems are not so important compared to them. But I didn’t think about the fact that not everyone knows me, is not aware of my past, and may have a different understanding.

I posted this in the evening, I was tired and slept. Two or three hours later, when I looked, there were more than 1,500 comments under my post. Most of them were extremely negative. To be honest, I didn’t expect it either that so many people would watch me and react to my opinion. I then deleted this post and later posted a second one stating my original intent. But almost no one paid attention to it, nobody wanted to understand. This comment was published only in the Daryo publcation, for which I am grateful to the editors,” the deputy said.

Also, Muzaffar Jamoliddinov apologized, noting that he had no intention to praise anyone, he made a conclusion after these cases.

“The main conclusion is that not only the deputy, but any person should pay more attention to his speeches and posts on social networks. He should not confuse the problems of his personal life with public concerns and by this he should not provoke public anger and hatred. I apologize once again to everyone who misunderstood my words.

It was a great lesson for me. Without discussing the interpretations and criticisms that arose after the post I made, I filed an application for early termination of my mandate as a deputy. It is now up to the council to consider it”.

It should be recalled that Rasul Kusherbayev, deputy of the Oliy Majlis, expressed his opinion on the situation among many public activists.

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