17:59 / 07.01.2023

CNG filling stations in Bukhara steal natural gas worth 26 billion soums

A criminal case has been initiated.

Photo: DIA press service

Bukhara regional DIA reported that on the night of January 6 of this year, several methane gas filling stations were inspected. 

In particular, 2 methane gas filling stations of “Dildora” LLC in Vobkent district, “Osiyo Bukhara Gaz”, “Norboyev Sherzod Yunusovich” and “Grant Gaz Servis” LLC in Bukhara city, and “Real Khimik” LLC in Bukhara district (a total of 6 methane filling stations) were inspected.

During the study, it was identified that when the existing impulse tube in the gas measuring equipment “Avtopilot-PRO” installed on the natural gas pipelines of 3 branches belonging to “Dildora” and “Osiyo Bukhara Gas” LLC was fixed, as a result of the decrease in gas movement, the volume of gas actually passing through the gas diaphragm was artificially reduced.

As a result, 2 branches belonging to “Dildora” LLC misappropriated natural gas worth 11.1 billion soums (11,162,880 m3) and a station of “Osiyo Bukhara Gas” - 15.1 billion soums (15,153,6003 m3). Thus, a total of 26.2 billion soums worth of natural gas was stolen secretly.

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated under Article 169-4 of the Criminal Code. Investigative activities are underway.

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