09:09 / 27.01.2023

Energy Ministry shuts down the exchange to unlawful petrol stations while CNG filling stations remain closed  

Economist Otabek Bakirov criticized the Ministry of Energy, saying that such a measure punishes the consumer, not the violator, during the restrictions on methane filling stations. Instead, a fine should have been applied. The Ministry of Energy informed Kun.uz that a letter of guarantee was received from the violators and the activity was restored in 1 day.

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On January 23, during the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Energy, it was found that a number of violations were committed in 109 business entities. These violations are related to unjustified overpricing, shortages, distribution of poor-quality products, underfilling and other cases.

The Ministry added that 1 liter of AI-80 gasoline is sold at 5,700 soums at all gas stations belonging to Uzbekneftegaz.

“The number of violators is 4 in Andijan region, 8 in Bukhara region, 4 in Jizzakh region, 19 in Kashkadarya region, 5 in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, 4 in Namangan region, 26 in Samarkand region, 1 in Surkhandarya region, 5 in Tashkent region, 7 in Tashkent city, 22 in Fergana region and 4 in Khorezm region,” the official report reads.

Allegedly, the unlawful business entities have been restricted from purchasing AI-80 gasoline through stock exchanges until the deficiencies are eliminated.

It was also said that law enforcement agencies are legally assessing the cases of law violations.

The Ministry asked the entrepreneurs engaged in the activity of private gas stations not to artificially increase the prices, to sell gasoline correctly in terms of quality and quantity.

“This means punishment of consumers”

Economist Otabek Bakirov noted that it is a mistake to close the gasoline trading companies in the context of strict restrictions on methane.

“Because even without this, there are very few petrol stations in many of our regions. In some districts, one or two petrol stations operate. Please note that the supply of gasoline to 26 petrol stations in Samarkand region and 22 petrol stations in Fergana region has been stopped. There are no exact statistics on the percentage of regions, but according to my observations, it can be at least one third of the total number of petrol stations in these regions. It is possible that in some districts there are not even any petrol station left,” he said.

He added that the form of the punishment should be different, but financial, and this punishment should not create the consequences of the suspension of the activity of the petrol stations.

“The activities of petrol stations were restored in one day” – Ministry

According to the press service of the Energy Ministry, in response to Kun.uz request, the activities of petrol stations belonging to the entrepreneurs who wrote the letter of guarantee were quickly restored.

“Their activities were restored in one day. A petrol station gives a letter of guarantee with the following content: “I will not allow such defects, I will not deceive consumers, I will not sell at high prices”. Our inspectorate was engaged in this work. After receiving the guarantee letter, its operation will be restored within 1 day. It is impossible to suspend their activities for a long time, this would be a mistake,” Obid Dilmurodov, ministerial press secretary, said.

He added that the Ministry will provide specific information on the financial penalties for violating the rules.

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