11:45 / 01.02.2023

Rail transportation to Afghanistan temporarily suspended

The reason is Afghan Railway authorities were not able to complete the work within the agreed time scale.

Photo: Uzbekistan Railways

According to JSC Uzbekistan Railways, on December 26-30, 2022, in the city of Termez, a meeting was held between representatives of Uzbekistan and Afghanistan on railway issues, where an action plan was agreed on for the gradual implementation of technical work by Afghan railway workers on the territory of Afghanistan by February 1, 2023.

During the meeting, DP Sogdiana Trans and the Administration of the Afghan Railways mutually agreed on the list of works to be performed, as well as the cost of services, on the basis of which they agreed to sign a new contract by January 27 of this year and inked the corresponding protocol.

As the Afghan Railway authorities were not able to complete the work on their part, it is announced that rail transportation to Afghanistan will be suspended from February 1.

In order to support entrepreneurs, quickly resume cargo transportation, and prevent problems with the supply of essential goods to Afghanistan, Sogdiana Trans will provide practical assistance in transporting goods to Afghanistan by road from the logistics centers of Termez and through the Termez river port.

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