15:29 / 01.02.2023

Uzbekistan strengthens cooperation with International Commission Against Death Penalty

Uzbek diplomats held talks in Madrid with the Executive Director of the ICDP Secretariat, Rajiv Narayan.

At the meeting, the Uzbek side informed the organization that the death penalty was legally abolished in Uzbekistan in 2008. Currently, the issue of fixing the prohibition of the death penalty at the constitutional level is being considered. This initiative was put forward by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

For his part, Rajiv Narayan fully supported the initiative of the president, noting that there is no convincing evidence in the world that the death penalty helps to reduce crime. “The death penalty is an extremely cruel, inhuman form of punishment, which is a denial of human dignity and integrity,” said Rajiv Narayan.

During the talks, it was proposed to organize a number of joint events to discuss issues of constitutional reforms in Uzbekistan with the participation of representatives from the ICDP and from expert and analytical circles.

Rajiv Narayan voiced support for this initiative and expressed readiness to jointly organize a seminar on the above topics in the near future.

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