POLITICS | 09:19 / 07.02.2023
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Another 200 public services to go electronic

The draft of the 2023 State Program was discussed. It envisages increasing the share of public services provided through Public Service Centers and the my.gov.uz portal to 73%, reducing the amount of payments. All services related to allocating subsidies from the budget to individuals and legal entities are provided through a single portal.

Photo: my.gov.uz

“Development Strategy” Center has announced the draft presidential decree on the 2023 state program for public discussion. The draft program, which will be approved as an annex to the document, will be published shortly.

According to paragraph 2 of the draft decree, the use of public services is expected to become easier.

Starting from July 1, 2023, all state bodies and organizations can determine the measures “improving the quality of services to residents and entrepreneurs”. 

This includes increasing the number of services provided through mobile applications, reducing the amount of fees charged, canceling the required redundant documents, drastically reducing review processes and terms. 

Another 200 public services will be provided through Public Service Centers and the Single interactive public services portal. As a result, the number of public services provided electronically will be increased to 73%.  

It will be possible to provide public services in the field of migration and citizenship registration to the segments of the population in need of social protection (persons with disabilities, seriously ill people, the elderly, etc.) through permanent residence or visiting their temporary residence without additional payment for the provided service.

It will be possible to provide public services for comparison of electricity, gas and water consumption meters proactively (without waiting for a citizen’s appeal on the initiative of the service provider). As a result, it is ensured that electricity, gas and water meter comparison services are provided proactively for an average of 300,000 consumers per year.

Provision of all services related to allocation of subsidies to individuals and legal entities at the expense of budget funds will be established through the Single Portal, a system of online verification of the appropriateness of allocation of subsidies will be established through a special e-platform. As an example, it is noted that in 2022, 20 billion soums were saved every month by switching to the e-system for the allocation of subsidies for non-state kindergartens.

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