15:41 / 07.02.2023

Gov’t to strengthen control over energy sector

Energy resources are being looted in Uzbekistan. Control over methane filling stations is completely derailed. Although automatic billing systems for electricity and gas have been installed at 92-98%, receivables are still high. This was emphasized at the meeting held by Shavkat Mirziyoyev. The President has set the task of working on energy control for two years “in emergency order”.

Photo: Presidential press service 

On February 6, a meeting was held in the presence of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on measures to regulate the control system in the field of energy supply.

At the meeting, problems in the energy supply and billing system were critically analyzed. The frost in January clearly showed that management and control in this regard has weakened. Official organizations reported that 92% of the automatic calculation system was installed in electricity and 98% in natural gas. But still the receivables remain high.

The network offices in the districts are allowing electricity and gas connection without calculation and analysis. For example, transformers in 120 mahallas of Tashkent city were repaired 5-6 times in one month because they did not carry the load.

There is still a lot of theft in the system. Resources are being looted. In December, damages of 600 billion soums were found in more than 12,000 cases of illegal use of electricity and gas. Control over car gas stations is completely out of control.

Based on these, a new system was established to strengthen control and ensure the rule of law in the energy sector. This system was assigned the task of working in “emergency order” for two years in terms of energy control. Tasks were given to improve the work of the Energy Inspectorate and the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement, to introduce new approaches to electricity and natural gas connection.

The meeting also focused on issues of energy infrastructure development. In particular, the task of launching a digital map of the city of Tashkent was set. It clearly shows the location of the auctioned land, energy, utility and social infrastructure capacity.

At the meeting, the officials gave information on the implementation of the new system.

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