22:26 / 07.02.2023

President gives an order to reduce inflation rate below 10%

A meeting was held under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to discuss measures to reduce inflation in 2023.

Photo: Presidential Press Service

It is noted that by the end of 2022, inflation in Uzbekistan was 12%. Using all economic mechanisms, it is aimed to reduce this indicator below 10% this year.

For this purpose, it was emphasized that it is necessary to increase the volume of production of consumer goods, including food products, to reduce the costs of delivering them “from the field to the table”, and to ensure that they are affordable. Instructions were given on the productive use of a total of 200,000 hectares of land allocated to the population to increase the production of agricultural products.

For the systematic organization of these measures, based on the potential of the regions, the task of developing separate “roadmaps” for each district and city was set.

Also, it was noted that it is important to attract their free funds to the financial market in increasing the income of the population, that the population’s deposits in the bank have doubled in the last three years, and instructions were given to increase the number of attractive financial services.

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