17:51 / 13.02.2023

A drug dealer imprisoned for 14 years in Surkhandarya

He was caught while selling 2 kg of opium for $40,000.

Photo: Frame from video

Earlier, it was reported that the SSS detained a citizen with 2 kg of opium in Surkhandarya.

Allegedly, a resident of Termiz district (born in 1989) bought 2 kg of opium from a Tajik person in Denau district in September 2021 for $14,000 and kept it at home in order to earn extra income.

In June 2022, he and his 2 acquaintances (born in 1983 and 1986), living in Termiz city and district of Termiz, were arrested with physical evidence when they sold this narcotic substance to a conditional buyer for $40,000.

In addition, it was known that a person living in the city of Termiz (born in 1985) was also involved in this illegal case.

In connection with the above case, these 4 drug dealers were found guilty under Articles 246 and 273 of the Criminal Code. They were sentenced to 12 to 14 years of imprisonment.

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