16:48 / 15.02.2023

Husband who stabbed his wife to death in front of their children sentenced to 19 years in prison

On August 24, in Kuyi Chirchik district, a man who first beat his wife in kindergarten in front of the children, and the next day stabbed her to death in her father’s house, was sentenced.

Photo: Frame from video

Earlier, social networks circulated a video showing a man, out of jealousy, strangling his wife in front of children in a private kindergarten. A day later, he brutally killed his wife, who was living with his father, in front of his children.

The man was sentenced. It was reported that the defendant’s jealousy was the reason for the murder, the woman had a knife in her hand when he came to talk at night. While he was trying to pull the knife away, the woman was accidentally stabbed and died.

According to the verdict of the Kuyi Chirchik district court on criminal proceedings, the man was found guilty of Paragraph “j”, Article 97-2 (manslaughter) and Article 164-1 (invasion) of the Criminal Code, he was sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment. 

The deceased’s father expressed his displeasure with the verdict and asked for a life sentence.

Allegedly, the deceased worked as a nurse in a family medical facility in the district. Her colleagues reported that she was recognized for her good behavior.