15:05 / 16.02.2023

Pension law amended 

The President signed the law “On the introduction of amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan aimed at reliable protection of the rights and legitimate interests of convicts”.


According to the document, the first part of Article 37 of the Law “On State Pension Provision of Citizens” was supplemented with paragraph “k”.

Now, any work performed by convicts sentenced to deprivation of liberty during the period of serving a sentence in institutions for the execution of sentences is included in the length of service, if the social tax for the period of performance of this work was paid by the penitentiary institution.

In addition, appropriate additions were made to the Criminal Executive Code.

The document states that those sentenced to deprivation of liberty should work taking into account their gender, age, state of health, ability to work and, if possible, specialty.

In penitentiary institutions, labor costs of convicts sentenced to deprivation of liberty are subject to social taxation. The period of payment of social tax shall be included in the total length of service of convicts sentenced to deprivation of liberty.

The administration of the institution issues a certificate of payment of taxes during the period of serving the sentence by the convict:

- at least three working days before the release of the convicted person from the penitentiary institution, sends it electronically to the district (city) department of the off-budgetary Pension Fund;
- upon release from the penitentiary institution, gives the convicted person in paper form.

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