16:09 / 01.03.2023

SSS officers seize 56 kilograms of opium and hashish from drug traffickers

Drug dealers carrying 47 kg of drugs from Tajikistan were caught in Syrdarya.

Photo: Frame from video

56 kg of opium and hashish drugs were confiscated in Uzbekistan, SSS reported.

4 kg 810 g of opium and 42 kg 892 g of hashish narcotic substances smuggled from Tajikistan to the country were stopped as a result of operative-search activities conducted in cooperation with the SSS Border Troops and military personnel of the Syrdarya Regional Department.

During the investigation, it was found that the person living in the city of Margilan, who was previously convicted and served his sentence for a crime related to the sale of narcotic drugs, along with an acquaintance who lives in the Tashlak district, went to the Zafarabad district of Sughd region (Tajikistan) through the border checkpoint in the Besharik district.

There, they met with a local drug dealer and agreed to transfer the above-mentioned drug to Khavas district of Syrdarya region for $10,000. Couriers were caught while transporting drugs across the state border.

Within the framework of the criminal case initiated by the Samarkand Regional SSS Department against a citizen living in Urgut district, who kept 7 kg 331 g of opium in his apartment with the intention of selling it in the future, based on his instructions, 6 kg 403 g of opium narcotic substance was seized from his relative’s house as additional material evidence. These drugs were also imported from Tajikistan.

At an operative held in the Yukori Chirchik district by employees of the Tashkent regional SSS Department in cooperation with the regional customs department, 2 citizens living in Balikchi district of Andijan region, who were previously convicted and served their sentences for crimes related to the sale of narcotic drugs, were caught while selling 1 kg 399 g of hashish for $15,000. In this case, the drug was imported from Kyrgyzstan.

In an operative event held in cooperation with the Andijan Regional SSS Department and regional MIA staff, 3 people, who live in Andijan city and have previous convictions, were arrested. When their houses were inspected, it was found that there was a total of 546 grams of hashish brought from Kyrgyzstan, and it was confiscated in a procedural manner.

Currently, criminal cases have been instituted against these persons in accordance with the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. Investigations are being carried out.

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