19:48 / 02.03.2023

Sardor Rakhmonkulov who was sentenced to 5-year imprisonment for a religious song released from prison

In accordance with the decision of the Appellate Court, the punishment of the 21-year-old defendant, who was sentenced to a 5-year imprisonment, has been changed to the conditional judgment. A 2-year probation period was set against him, and he was released in the courtroom.

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On March 2, Sardor Rakhmonkulov, 21, who was sentenced to 5-year imprisonment after sending a religious song to his classmate via Telegram, was released at the end of the appellate court.

According to the Judgment Panel of the Tashkent city court of the appellate instance, the verdict of the first instance court was changed: the 5-year imprisonment was transformed into the conditional judgment, applying Article 72 of the Criminal Code, and a 2-year probation period was set and the defendant was released from prison in the courtroom. 

Also, taking into account Article 62 (the rules of detention, arrest or considering the house arrest time) of the Criminal Code, Rahmonkulov’s detention of 7 months and 9 days was taken into account and deducted from the main penalty.

The Supreme Court stated that while ruling, “it is based on principles such as justice and moral re-education of the individual, provided for by law, rather than a broad discussion of the public”.

According to the conclusion of the Religious Committee, the religious song, which was sent by 21-year-old Sardor Rakhmonkulov to his classmate 3 years ago, was found to be permeated with the idea of fanaticism. Rakhmonkulov, who spent more than 7 months in prison during the investigation, was sentenced on January 30, 2023 to 5 years in prison.

The situation led to a wide public outcry. Director of the Youth Affairs Agency, Senator Alisher Sadullayev said that he would study the case and help him.

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