12:28 / 03.03.2023

500 buses and 300 Yutong e-buses delivered to Uzbekistan

The Chinese company Yutong Bus & Coach announced the delivery of 800 new buses to Uzbekistan.

Photo: Facebook / YutongGlobal

On its official page on the social network, Yutong Bus & Coach announced the delivery of 800 buses to Uzbekistan.

“Uzbekistan, here we are!” - noted under the photos with buses on the company page.

It is noted that 300 E12 electric buses and 500 liquefied gas buses were delivered to Uzbekistan.

The Chinese company noted that 300 electric buses delivered to Uzbekistan became the largest order for China for e-buses this year.

Earlier, it was reported that Uzbekistan will purchase 200 eighteen-meter and 500 twelve-meter buses running on CNG, as well as 300 twelve-meter electric buses for Tashkent.

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