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40-year-old man’s chopped up corpse found on lawn in Tashkent

According to one version, the man committed suicide.


On July 1, at about 06:00, the body of a man with bodily injuries was found on the lawn in front of a house located on Oltintopgan Street, Bektemir district, the PGO press service reported.

During the investigation, the identity of the deceased was established. He turned out to be a resident of the city of Samarkand A.S., born in 1984.

According to the preliminary conclusion of the examination, cuts were found on the body of the deceased on the wrists of both hands, the neck and the thigh of the left leg. During the inspection of the scene, a blade with blood stains was discovered.

When analyzing recordings from video cameras, it was established that shortly before his death, A.S. got out of the car of citizen A.R., who was engaged in private transportation. During the conversation, the latter confirmed that A.S. had cut himself and that he had thrown him out of the car because he was covered in blood.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, the version of premeditated murder is also currently being considered.

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