17:44 / 10.03.2023

Uzbek citizen who served his sentence in Russia dies in Ukraine

A citizen of Uzbekistan, who served a five-year prison sentence in Russia, died in Ukraine. His body was handed over to his relatives in Ellikkala district of Karakalpakstan on January 30, Gazeta.uz reported citing the SSS of Uzbekistan.

Mother of the deceased / Frame from video

The deceased’s mother said his name was Fakhriddin. Since his father left the family, he started working at a young age. Many years ago, at the suggestion of his friends, he went to work in Moscow. He got married in 2008, had a daughter. When Fakhriddin’s daughter turned one year old, he left her in the care of her grandmother and went to work in Russia with his wife.

Later, due to Fakhriddin’s kidney disease, they returned home. In 2019, he went to Moscow again. According to his mother, he sent money from time to time to repair the house.

In December of the same year, due to a conflict with workers from another country, Fakhriddin was sentenced to five years in prison. He used to call his relatives, but the connection was lost at the end of last year. In January, the relatives were informed about Fakhriddin’s death.

Fakhriddin’s sister, who works with her husband in Russia, said that she was informed about his going to Ukraine. He said that he would work on a contract basis for a couple of months and asked not to tell his mother about it. In March, he wanted to return to Uzbekistan. Relatives do not know whether he was sent to Ukraine voluntarily or under pressure.

Acquaintances of Fakhriddin say that a shell hit the place where he was working. His younger brother said that the body was so badly damaged, it was unrecognizable. He recognized his brother only by the scar on the back of his head.

SSS mentioned that recruitment into the military service of foreign countries is prohibited by law and is the basis for prosecution according to Article 154 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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