12:58 / 13.03.2023

Families of military servicemen who were injured or killed on duty provided with new privileges

According to the decree signed by Shavkat Mirziyoyev on March 13, the scope of privileges provided to the families of the deceased soldiers and military servicemen has been expanded.

Photo: Kun.uz

In accordance with the presidential decree, a number of privileges are being given to the family members of the military servicemen and employees of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the National Guard, the State Security Service, the State Security Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Customs Committee and the Center for Developing Electronic Technologies, who were injured and died due to concussion while defending the homeland and national peace. UzA published the text of the decree.

From April 1, 2023:

• the lump-sum allowance given to the family members of the deceased military serviceman (employee) is determined in the amount of 150 times the sum of the salary of the last occupied position and the salary of the military (special) rank;
• within the framework of the state compulsory personal insurance of military servicemen (employees), the amount of insurance paid in the event of his death is set at 200 BCAs;
• the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and the city of Tashkent are given the right to determine the procedure for assigning monthly allowances to the families of deceased military servicemen (employees) living in the relevant area at the expense of additional sources of local budgets in the amounts determined by them (not exceeding the amount of up to 50% of the minimum wage);

From May 1, 2023:

• survivor’s pension for each member of the family who is unable to work is determined in the amount of 50% of the salary received for calculating the pension;
• family members (parents, spouse, children under the age of 23) are exempted from personal income tax in the amount of 3 MPL (minimum payout for labor);
• in the case of being recognized as in need of housing in the prescribed manner, housing is provided on a first-priority basis;
• the right to receive long-term preferential mortgage loans in accordance with the procedure for issuing long-term preferential mortgage loans to military personnel (employees) for the purchase (construction) of housing established by law must be preserved;
• the procedure for paying monthly monetary compensation for the rental of housing to the military personnel of the Armed Forces, to the unmarried spouse of the deceased serviceman (employee) and (or) to one of the dependent parents of the serviceman (if there is no residential property) shall be introduced.

From June 1, 2023:

a) Children of the deceased military serviceman (employee) will be provided with free education in pre-school educational institutions. They will study at professional and higher educational institutions based on additional quotas on the basis of state grants;
b) Parents of the deceased military serviceman (employee) will be given the right to free use of railway and air passenger transport twice a year;
c) Family members of the deceased military serviceman (employee) will be given the following privileges:
• the right to receive free medical care in the medical institutions of the responsible ministries and agencies where these dead servicemen (employees) served will be preserved, as well as the possibility of receiving medical care as a priority and emergency hospitalization within the guaranteed volumes of medical care;
• medical organizations providing high-tech specialized medical care provide free medical care at the expense of the state budget;
• the right to use the next annual vacation at a convenient time, as well as to receive additional vacation without pay for up to two weeks per year will be granted.

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