19:38 / 15.03.2023

Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan plan to launch a joint car plant in July

Initially, the company will produce 10,000 cars a year, then the volume will be increased to 30,000.

Photo: UzAuto Motors

The agreement between Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan on the joint production of cars was presented to the relevant committee of the Kyrgyz Jokargy Kenes, Kaktus.media reports.

Deputy Minister of Economy Aynura Usenbekova noted that according to the agreement between the heads of the two countries, the automobile plant should start operating in July. Therefore, the agreement is presented to the parliament in such an urgent manner, she noted.

From the schedule for the implementation of the agreement, it follows that the registration of the assembly of the first car is expected on July 10. At the first stage, the enterprise will be engaged in large- and medium-sized assembly of machines.

According to Usenbekova, in the future, the plant is also likely to organize the production of electric vehicles. The implementation of the investment project is estimated at $2.5-5 million, excluding the cost of land and infrastructure.

UzAuto Motors agreed to organize the production of cars in Kyrgyzstan on January 27, during a business forum of the two countries. The concern’s partner in the joint venture will be “DT Tekhnik”.

Kyrgyz media report that the plant will be built in the village of Ak-Suu, Chui region. The company plans to assemble 19 models of cars, brands Chevrolet, Daewoo and Isuzu.

During the first year of the plant’s operation, it is planned to produce 10,000 vehicles using the SKD method. Later, production will be increased to 30,000 cars and deepened to a small-scale production with the release of some components on the spot.

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