19:39 / 17.03.2023

Uzbekistan Airways to increase number of flights to Russian cities from Namangan

The company will launch flights to Nizhnevartovsk and Orenburg and increase the number of flights to Yekaterinburg.

Фото: KUN.UZ

Uzbekistan Airways is launching new regular flights to Russian cities from Namangan, the press service of the airline reports.

The carrier is expanding the geography of flights from the Vostochny (Eastern) hub. It was created on the basis of Namangan Airport in February 2022 in order to make flights on popular routes more affordable for residents of the Fergana Valley.

So, from March 27, flights on the route Namangan - Orenburg - Namangan will be resumed and operated once a week – on Mondays, according to the following schedule:

  • departure from Namangan - 7:05, arrival in Orenburg - 10:30;
  • departure from Orenburg - 12:00, arrival in Namangan - 15:10.

The cost of a one-way ticket starts from 1,718,823 soums, a return ticket – from 2,361,768 soums.

On March 31, Uzbekistan Airways starts flying on the Namangan-Nizhnevartovsk-Namangan route. Flights will operate every week, on Fridays. Schedule:

  • departure from Namangan - 16:00, arrival in Nizhnevartovsk - 19:45;
  • departure from Nizhnevartovsk - 21:45, arrival in Namangan - 1:35.

The ticket price in the direction of Namangan - Nizhnevartovsk starts from 1,962,078 soums, and Namangan - Nizhnevartovsk - Namangan from 2,701,568 soums.

Also, from March 31, the airline increases the frequency of flights between Namangan and Yekaterinburg to two per week. Flights will now operate on Mondays and Fridays:

  • departure from Namangan - 7:05, arrival in Yekaterinburg - 10:30;
  • departure from Yekaterinburg - 12:00, arrival in Namangan - 15:10.

A one-way ticket price starts from 2,271,935 soums, a return ticket - from 3,180,807 soums. All prices are valid as of March 17.

In addition, from the end of March, the company starts flying from Tashkent to Nizhny Novgorod.

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