17:44 / 18.03.2023

Kyrgyz special services detain customs officers who were engaged in “false transit” of goods to Uzbekistan

In Kyrgyzstan, individual companies, using the patronage of officials of the State Customs Service, processed the transit of goods from China through Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan. The goods were unloaded without customs clearance in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, empty trucks were sealed with fake cargo customs declarations and means of customs identification were already entering Uzbekistan.

According to the UTRK with reference to the data of the State Committee for National Security (GKNB), law enforcement officers uncovered a corruption scheme for smuggling consumer goods from China with the participation of a group of officials of the State Customs Service (SCS), who, in collusion with private companies, have control functions and powers. In order to illegally obtain material and other benefits, they systematically organized a stable channel for the illegal import of goods, through the so-called “false transit”.

According to the above fact, on March 16 and 17, 6 officials of the State Customs Service and 3 representatives of private companies were detained and placed in the TDF of the pre-trial detention center of the State Committee for National Security. According to preliminary data, the damage in this case could amount to about 1 billion soms. It is noted that among the detained employees of the State Customs Service and representatives of private companies there are relatives of high-ranking officials.

Currently, investigative measures are ongoing to identify all persons involved in this corruption scheme, to establish the exact amount of damage. The investigation of this criminal case is carried out under the personal supervision of the chairman of the State Committee for National Security, Lieutenant-General Kamchybek Tashiyev.

“On this fact, in recent days, unreliable information has been circulated in the country’s messengers, allegedly about the confrontation between the Prosecutor General’s Office and the State Committee for National Security. In this regard, the State Committee for National Security informs the public that there is no confrontation with the Prosecutor General’s Office. All investigative actions are authorized and carried out under the procedural control of the Prosecutor General’s Office,” the law enforcement agency concluded. 

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