14:04 / 18.03.2023

SSS officers identify cases of illegal migration to America

An operative event was held in cooperation with the Samarkand regional department of the State Security Service and the regional internal affairs department.

Photo: Frame from video

According to the SSS, a person living in the city of Samarkand was caught when he earned the trust of someone else and promised that he would send him to the United States of America in exchange for $30,000 and received $10,000 in advance.

In another case, a person living in Ishtikhon district of Samarkand region, who earned the trust of a citizen living in Dustlik district of Jizzakh region, demanded $21,000 in exchange for sending him to the United States with the help of his acquaintances. 

He was caught while receiving $10,000 and 100 million soums during an operative event held in Gallaorol district by employees of the Jizzakh Regional SSS Department in cooperation with the Regional PGO Department for Combating Economic Crimes.

In the case reported in Tashkent city, a student of one of the prestigious universities demanded $20,000 in exchange for sending a citizen living in Mirzachol district of Jizzakh region to America, through his acquaintances working in a higher organization. He was arrested by the State Security Service and the PGO Department while receiving $3,000  in advance. 

In all three cases, citizens were promised to be sent to work in the United States in the direction “Uzbekistan - Turkey - Europe - Mexico - USA”.

Currently, criminal cases have been initiated against these persons under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, and investigations are being conducted.

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