17:52 / 25.03.2023

UzAS clarifies whether Uzbek scientists created a drug that cures 99% of cancer

Information that Uzbek scientists have developed a drug that cures 99% of cancer has been misinterpreted. The drug is designed to treat only one type of cancer with high efficiency.

Photo: Getty Images

After an interview was published in UzA that Uzbek scientists have developed a new drug that can cure up to 99% of cancer, there were public objections to it. According to the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan (UzAS), the Lutetium-177 PSMA-617 radiopharmaceutical mentioned in the interview is effective in the treatment of only one type of cancer, that is, prostate cancer, which occurs mainly in older men.

At the same time, in the 4th and 5th doses, a therapeutic effect on metastases in other parts of the body was observed. The information service of the academy commented that the interview was reprinted by other sites in an extremely shortened form, so the information about PSMA was omitted.

“Thus, the public believed that this drug cures all cancers,” UzAS said in a statement.

Also, UzAS asked media representatives to pay special attention to the source of news and information, and the correctness of given facts.

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