09:21 / 06.04.2023

Court rules to recover 3.7 billion soums from Sof.uz in favor of Anorbank

In the Tashkent Interdistrict Economic Court, a court hearing on the case related to the filing of a claim against Komil Unsur LLC (owner of the Sof.uz website) for compensating damage to Anor Bank JSC has ended.

Photo: bankers.uz

According to the bank’s press service, following the meeting, the court ruled to recover the amount of real damage sustained to the bank in the amount of 3.7 billion soums from Komil Unsur LLC in favor of Anor Bank JSC.

“We emphasize our position that any journalistic investigations should be carried out in a balanced, objective manner, taking into account relevant comments and conclusions from specialists and experts in the banking sector. It is precisely because of the dissemination of false and distorted information by Sof.uz that this dispute arose,” the report reads.

They also emphasized that Anorbank is extremely “careful about its business image, the reputation of shareholders, employees and public opinion”.

It is noted that the bank will continue to “improve its image and maintain its positive reputation, as well as protect its brand from attacks in the information space”.

“At the same time, we also want to reaffirm our commitment to professional, mutually beneficial and open relationships with the media, the journalistic community and bloggers, with whom we always try to maintain strong working ties. In conclusion, we want to express our gratitude to all those who did not remain indifferent in this situation and supported us in every way,” the press service concluded.

Earlier, two clients of Anorbank told Sof.uz that the bank allegedly groundlessly withheld foreign currency funds of clients and did not transfer the currency to their accounts. Then the bank filed a lawsuit for damages in connection with the dissemination of information discrediting business reputation by the Sof.uz website.

The trial has begun in November 2022.

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