13:40 / 29.04.2023

Gov’t to introduce a simplified procedure for partial reimbursement of rent to students 

A draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to improve the system of providing housing for students of higher educational institutions” has been published.

Photo: Kun.uz

The state program for the implementation of the New Development Strategy of Uzbekistan for 2022-2026, approved by presidential decree, provides for the introduction of a free electronic service that provides students with the opportunity to get accommodation in a dormitory online through the Center for Public Services and the Unified Portal of Interactive Public Services, while providing :

ꞏ development of a hostel accounting register;
ꞏ priority placement of students in need of social protection;
ꞏ ensuring the possibility of filing electronic applications and making payments through the Single Portal.

From September 1, 2023, a simplified procedure for partial reimbursement of the rent for accommodation of university students at the expense of the state budget will be introduced.


ꞏ applicants are paid a part of the monthly rent, regardless of the amount of the lease agreement - in the city of Tashkent - in a single amount of the BCA (from May 1 - 330 thousand soums), in other regions - in the amount of half the amount of the BCA;
ꞏ when registering in the lease agreement for two or more students, the area of ​​​​the apartment should not be less than 12 (twelve) square meters for each student;
ꞏ in September and October, 1st-year students arriving from areas remote from the university, who do not live in a dormitory (students renting housing with a permanent place of residence in another district (city)) without claiming a lease agreement, part of the monthly rent will be reimbursed within the funds allocated to universities for these purposes, and payments will continue from November to students who have submitted a lease agreement in the prescribed manner;
ꞏ students living on the basis of employment from a number exceeding 60% specified in the decree, state universities may pay part of the monthly rent from off-budgetary funds based on the criteria and procedures approved by the institution and based on financial capabilities.

It is allowed to register housing rental agreements concluded with students with the state tax authorities in real time in electronic form through the taxpayer’s personal account using biometric identification technology (Face-ID).

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