12:38 / 29.05.2023

Student who came to practice in kindergarten in Tashkent stuck a needle in children’s legs 

A video message was circulated on social networks in which it was said that in the kindergarten No. 122 of Yangihayot district, children were being stuck with needles in the legs because they did not sleep. The preschool and school education department of Tashkent city provided official information about the case.

Photo: Kun.uz

It is noted that a pedagogical college student R.M. was admitted to the state preschool education organization No. 122, located in the “Oriyat” mahalla, Yangihayot district, from May 11, 2023, to subgroup No. 4 to complete her internship.

On May 26, 2023, it was found that 2-3 of the children in this group were not sleeping. It is reported that currently, the student R.M. has been excluded from practice.

Yangihayot district DIA is investigating this case.

“Dear parents! If you come across unpleasant and other illegal situations like the above in the institution where your child is receiving education, you are asked to call the hotline of the preschool and school education department of Tashkent city – 71-2370893,” the press service of Tashkent city preschool and school education department concluded.

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