15:21 / 03.06.2023

Presidential decree on National Agency for Social Protection promulgated

The President signed a decree "On a set of measures to provide quality social services and assistance to the population, as well as to establish a system for their effective control".

According to the document, the National Agency for Social Protection, its Karakalpak republican, regional and Tashkent city departments, as well as Inson social service centers in regions and cities, were formed under the president.

“The Agency is an authorized state body for the development and implementation of a unified state policy in the field of social protection and the provision of social services to the population. The agency carries out its activities independently of other state bodies and organizations, their officials,” the text of the decree reads.

The following will be transferred to the structure of the new agency:

a) from June 15, 2023 - from the system of the Ministry of Employment and Poverty Reduction:

- Inspectorate of medical and social expertise and its territorial subdivisions;
- the National Center for Rehabilitation and Prosthetics for Persons with Disabilities and its regional centers;
- Republican Center for the Rehabilitation and Adaptation of Women and its territorial branches; 
- Republican Rehabilitation Center for Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking; 
- boarding houses "Sakhovat" and "Muruvvat" for the elderly and persons with disabilities; 
- republican boarding house for war and labor veterans; 
- sanatoriums for the elderly, persons with disabilities, war and labor veterans; 

b) from January 1, 2024:

- from the system of the Ministry of Health - baby houses; 
- from the system of the Ministry of Preschool and School Education - orphanages of mercy; 
- from the system of local executive authorities - sectors for working with minors and family orphanages;

c) from August 1, 2024:

- from the system of the Ministry of Preschool and School Education - specialized schools and boarding schools for children with special educational needs, multidisciplinary specialized preschool educational organizations, as well as specialized educational institutions; 
- from the system of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation - specialized vocational schools for persons with disabilities;

d) from January 1, 2025:

- from the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - centers for the rehabilitation of persons without a fixed place of residence;
- from the system of the Ministry of Economy and Finance - social insurance fund.

Also, the proposal of the National Paralympic Committee to Uzbekistan on the transfer to June 15, 2023 and the structure of the agency of the paralympic school team, as well as the coordination of the organization of training specialists in the field of paralympic sport, have been approved.

The agency was also given a number of tasks. Among other things:

- by July 15, 2023, introduce a system of retraining and advanced training for employees of the social protection system with the involvement of UNICEF experts and in accordance with the programs of this organization. At the same time, pay attention to the training of specialists in the provision of professional social services to the population with the involvement of qualified foreign and domestic experts;
- by August 1, 2023, jointly with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, reconsider the training programs for social workers in the bachelor's and master's programs of higher educational institutions, etc.

The full text of the document can be found here.