14:10 / 06.06.2023

PGO detains men selling a gold coin for $100,000 in Tashkent

The gold coin was issued in 1902.

Photo: PGO Department

The Yakkasaroy district department of the Prosecutor General’s Office carried out a mobile search operation in cooperation with the SSS and MIA.

During the search activities, they caught citizen A.T. and his accomplices who were selling 1 "Nikolay-2" gold coin of 1902 weighing 32.22 grams for $100,000.

According to the conclusion of the cultural heritage agency, the current value of this gold coin is 1 billion soums.

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated under Article 177 of the Criminal Code (illegal acquisition or transfer of currency values) against the defendants, and an investigation is underway.

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