21:10 / 07.06.2023

“We call for strict punishment of the employees who used force” - Ombudsman

The Ombudsman, who made a statement about the situation in Buka, stated that torture is considered as “a violation of fundamental human rights and an act aimed at annihilation as a person”. The human rights representative of Oliy Majlis said that there is a disease in the body of society - to cure torture, first of all, transparency should be ensured.

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The Human Rights representative of Oliy Majlis, the Ombudsman, stated that the situation in Buka district confirms that torture is still being used in the investigation process. At the same time, in the organization's statement, it was positively assessed that upon the death of the citizen, according to the results of the examination, a criminal case was initiated and the relevant employees were arrested.

“In fact, it is very sad that among the law enforcement officers who we know as the defenders of our rights, as in the case of Buka, there are officers who are working against the law. We are far from the opinion that all employees working in the system are like this, we must acknowledge the reforms in the fight against torture in recent years. But if there are “employees” who oppose the state policy and allow mental and physical torture in the course of their work, the citizens distrust the law enforcement agencies,” the statement reads.

Also, the ombudsman emphasized that in order to cure torture, which is a disease in the body of society, transparency should be ensured first: Transparency is one of the most effective means of early prevention of torture.

“True, torture is one of the global problems of many developed countries. Torture is a violation of fundamental human rights. According to experts, torture is considered as a behavior aimed at destroying a person, which has a long-term psychological effect on a person. Uzbekistan, where the principle of human dignity is a priority, has its own strong and strict position on the fight against torture. In recent years, punishments for employees who have committed torture cases have been increased, and amnesties have even been strictly prohibited.

In addition, a separate article was included in the legislation in order to hold officials responsible for illegal actions, and aggravating norms were established for the person who used torture. Article 235 of the Criminal Code provides for criminal liability for torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment”.

The Oliy Majlis representative also noted that reports of torture spread on social networks are being investigated on the spot, and in cases where there are signs of torture, the case is being sent to the prosecutor’s office for consideration.

“The situation in Buka will also be under the supervision of the Ombudsman. The suspect or the accused cannot be beaten and die during the investigation and investigation process. It is necessary to identify the employees who used the method of using force and take strict action against them, to analyze the qualifications and performance of the employees in the system one by one, and to abandon the bullies and slackers. After all, today's state policy is aimed at glorifying human dignity. From this point of view, the steps in this regard should be consistent. We call for strict punishment of the guilty persons,” the representative of Oliy Majlis on human rights said.

It should be recalled that on May 29 of this year, a 21-year-old man who allegedly threw himself from the 4th floor of the Chilanzar district DIA building died. On June 4, it became known that operatives of Buka district DIA tortured and killed a 36-year-old man. While the authorities blame the young man who died in the Chilanzar district DIA, it was admitted that operatives were involved in the tragedy in Buka district.

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