18:31 / 09.06.2023

Strong dust storm covers Surkhandarya

In the Surkhandarya region, a sandstorm severely limited visibility in some areas, at places people were forced to turn on night lights.

Photo: Social networks

Today, June 9, a strong dust storm covered Termez. As of 10:00, visibility in the city was reduced to 200 meters.

According to the regional emergency department, dust and wind are observed on the territory of several more districts of the region, except for Termez.

Residents of the area are urged to be careful and observe safety measures to protect against dust and wind.

“Today, June 9, in Termez, Denau, Sariasiya, Angor, Sherabad, Muzrabat, Kizirik and Bandikhan districts of Surkhandarya region, dusty phenomena are observed due to wind blowing at a speed of 4-12 meters per second. Now the situation is stable. Residents are asked to observe safety measures during the dust storm,” the statement said.