19:45 / 14.06.2023

Number of public transport users in Tashkent increased significantly

Last month, new buses were brought to the capital, the travel interval was shortened, and congestion in the bus salon was reduced. As it turned out, as a result, the number of passengers increased significantly: in May, buses carried more than 782,000 passengers per day on average. This is 63% more than in May last year.

Photo: Press service of the Transport Ministry 

The number of public transport users has increased due to the introduction of new large and ultra-large capacity buses and electric buses in Tashkent, the press service of the Transport Ministry reported with reference to the “Toshshakhartranskhizmat” company.

In May, the capital’s buses transported more than 782 thousand passengers on average per day. This is 63% more compared to the same month last year – 478 thousand passengers were transported in May last year.

1,330 daily buses were released to the routes, or 806 – 40% more than in May 2022.

Daily trips increased by 60% from 10,424 in May last year to 16,741.

For information, according to the presidential decree “On measures to reform the public transport system” dated February 16, 2023, the purchase of 200 18-meter and 500 12-meter CNG buses and 300 12-meter e-buses for the public transport of Tashkent city is planned. 

The capital’s bus fleet began to be filled with new buses made in China from April 20. On this day, 400 buses were released to the routes. 114 of them were 18-meter-long e-buses, 169 were e-buses, and 117 were gas-powered buses.

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