21:26 / 11.07.2023

Two students who did internship in a bank commits a crime in Surkhandarya 

During the internship, they learned all the secrets of the bank, stole 75.7 million soums from a citizen's plastic card and cashed out from an ATM. One of the students was imprisoned for 2 years and 3 months, the other for 2 years.

Photo: Frame from the video

According to the MIA, a citizen living in the Tuprokkurgan mahalla of Termiz called the 102 service and reported that unknown persons had withdrawn 75 million 700 thousand soums from his bank card through the application. As a result of the rapid investigation conducted by employees of the Cyber   Security Department of the Surkhandarya regional DIA, it was determined that this crime was committed by two students who went to one of the commercial banks for an internship.

Students learned all the secrets of the bank during the internship period. Then, by mutual agreement, they issued a phone number in the name of an acquaintance, and using his phone, they deceived the bank employees and performed various operations. In particular, 75,700,000 soums of the citizen's money were stolen. The stolen money was withdrawn from ATMs located in Termiz.

Suspects were identified in a short time, telephone sets, many bank cards, as well as money in the amount of 59.8 million soums, which one of them gave to his mother, were documented.

A criminal case was initiated and the collected documents were sent to the court. According to the court verdict, the practicing students were found guilty under Article 169 of the Criminal Code (theft), and one of them was sentenced to 2 years and 3 months, and the other to 2 years of imprisonment.

Earlier, in Bukhara, it was found that a bank employee stole money from the bank cards of 41 people and used it for his own needs.

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