13:35 / 17.08.2023

Danish Auluna intends to launch production of leather clothing in Uzbekistan

The company expects deliveries from the republic to be faster than from China.

Photo: Uzcharmsanoat press service 

The Danish company Auluna Private Lable is interested in the production of leather goods in Uzbekistan, the press service of Uzcharmsanoat reported. 

Recently, chairman of the association, Fahriddin Boboyev, received the CEO of the company, Christian Aachman. The guest spoke about the plans to establish the production of eco-leather outerwear in the republic.

Auluna now orders clothes from China for sale in Germany and Northern Europe. However, due to logistical problems, the goods arrive in Europe in 6-7 weeks, which prompted the company to find a closer location for production.

Auluna considers Uzbekistan the most likely option. According to Aachman, the firm is aware of the development of the local leather and footwear industry and is studying the local business environment and logistical issues.

The top manager also offered to open a showroom of Uzbek-made shoes in Denmark. Another initiative is to launch a special online platform for the sale of goods from the republic in the Scandinavian countries.

The parties agreed to work out a plan for organizing joint production of eco-leather products.

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