14:00 / 28.08.2023

Selling alcohol and tobacco products to people under 21 prohibited 

In addition, special requirements for the delivery and distribution of these products are introduced.

From August 26, the law "On restricting the distribution and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products" came into force in Uzbekistan.

According to the new law, the activities of cigarette sellers on the street, as well as the sale of tobacco products without labels or in bulk, are prohibited.

Also, it is stipulated that the seller of alcohol and tobacco products requires the customer who appears to be under 21 years of age to show his identity and proof of age, and in the absence of the document, he must refuse to sell.

The following competent bodies are charged with paying attention to such a big problem as selling cigarettes on the street and ensuring the implementation of the provisions of the law in force: the Ministry of Internal Affairs, tax authorities, customs authorities, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency (CRPA), the PGO Department for Combating Economic Crimes.

The draft law "Restricting the distribution and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products" was approved by deputies in November 2021, reviewed and approved by senators in December 2022.

Until now, the age limit for selling alcohol and tobacco products in Uzbekistan was 20 years old.

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