18:49 / 31.08.2023

Reconstructed Republican Children's Library opens its doors in Tashkent

In 2020, the reconstruction of the Children's Library of the Republic began.

Photo: Telegram / Saida Mirziyoyeva

Today, starting from August 31, the doors of the Children's Library of the Republic were opened for all book-loving citizens, assistant to the President of Uzbekistan Saida Mirziyoyeva reported.

"The Republican children's library is one of the most valuable and favorite places for the residents of our city. In this project, it was very important for us to preserve the example of high architecture as it was built at the beginning of the last century," Saida Mirziyoyeva said.

Reportedly, the building has a rich history. In different years, the Tashkent City Duma and Public Assembly, and since 1965, the famous children's library have functioned in this building. 

"Unfortunately, the library had been neglected for many years and was in need of reconstruction. We started the restoration in 2020 and finally the task has been accomplished!

We came across many findings in this unique place. For example, wall plasters were followed by magnificent murals made in the middle of the last century. As a result, the spirit of history and the modern environment were embodied in one place. 

We hope that you will appreciate the work of the masters of their work. From today, the doors of our library are open to all our book-loving compatriots!" the assistant to the President of Uzbekistan noted.

For information, the historic building built in 1907 was restored and equipped with modern equipment. The library has a fund of 180,000 books on Uzbek and international children's literature. Visitors will receive a special ID card. Through it, the processes of registration of readers, receipt and delivery of books are organized electronically.

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