18:12 / 21.09.2023

Karshi city governor’s decision on rewarding himself with 75 million soums annulled

The governor of Karshi city, Normumin Kholboyev, decided to allocate 75 million soums for self-stimulation. After causing heated discussions on social networks, the administration issued an official statement and tried to justify the governor’s activity. But the incentive decision was overturned in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Agency’s proposal.

Normumin Kholboyev

On August 25, 2023, the governor of Karshi city, Normumin Kholboyev, issued a decision to allocate funds for self-incentives.

The decision stated that 75 million soums should be allocated for the expenses of stimulating the head of the 1st sector of Karshi city, which has been recognized as the “most initiative sector”, from the administrative reserve funds in 2023.

The decision of the governor is based on the decision No. 536 of the Cabinet of Ministers of August 23, 2021.

The information service of the city administration gave an official response to the situation. It is noted that, based on the Regulation approved by the above decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, the procedure for determining the “most exemplary sector” and the “most initiative sector”, and the order of financial incentives for the winning sectors is defined.

“According to this regulation, based on the minutes of the meeting of the regional administration on March 1, 2023, among the sector leaders whose efficiency was highly evaluated at the end of 2022, the leader of the 1st sector of Karshi city was included in the three sectors with the highest performance in the region and was recognized as the “most initiative sector”.

In order to ensure the implementation of the decision No. 536 of the Cabinet of Ministers and the communication letter of the State Service Development Agency under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 16, 2023, also, according to the instruction letter of the regional administration dated August 24, 2023 on promoting the leader of the 1st sector of Karshi city, which is recognized as the “most initiative sector” in the region, at the expense of local budget funds, funds were allocated according to the established procedure for the expenses of the head of the 1st sector,” the official statement of the administration reads.

However, according to the Anti-Corruption Agency, the decision of the Karshi city governor was made contrary to the requirements of the current legislation. Therefore, the agency has submitted a proposal to take measures to eliminate the causes and conditions that cause corruption.

The decision on promotion was canceled by the decision of the governor of Kashkadarya region on September 19, 2023 based on the proposal.

It is also said that the documents collected by the Agency have been sent to the PGO and the Ministry of Economy and Finance to take legal action against those who violated the law in this case.