14:03 / 02.10.2023

Uzbekistan may introduce Swedish experience in waste management

The issue of accelerating the implementation of advanced foreign experience in the waste management system was discussed between Uzbekistan and Sweden.

Photo: Ministry of Ecology

The head of the Republican Center for Organization of Sanitary Cleaning under the Ministry of Ecology, Sharif Khasanov, met with the Ambassador of Sweden to Uzbekistan, Thomas Danestad, and Senior Advisor to the Swedish Association for Waste Management and Recycling, Vern Vikvist.

At the meeting, the issue of waste management and accelerating the introduction of best practices into the system between Uzbekistan and Sweden was discussed.

An exchange of views took place regarding the study and analysis of the waste situation in the country, including short-term and long-term needs in this area.

The Swedish waste management model was mainly focused on recycling waste as well as producing energy from it.

Particular attention was paid to the development, sustainable design and implementation of innovative waste-to-energy technologies.