22:48 / 04.11.2023

Volume of oil deliveries from Russia to Uzbekistan expected to increase to 1 million tons

According to the tripartite document signed in Moscow, it is planned to increase the volume of oil deliveries from Russia to Uzbekistan by 1 million tons.

Photo: Ministry of Energy

In 2024, it is planned to increase the volume of crude oil delivery from Russia to Uzbekistan to 1 million tons. This is stated in the tripartite document signed in Moscow on November 3, 2023, the Ministry of Energy reported.

The document was signed by First Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia P. Sorokin, First Deputy Minister of Energy of Uzbekistan A. Akhmedhadjayev and Deputy Minister of Energy of Kazakhstan E. Akkenjenov.

According to the document, in the implementation of the agreement, special attention is paid to ensuring cargo transportation through the oil pipeline "Omsk - Pavlodar - Shymkent - Shagir".

The agreement stipulates that the parties will provide assistance to each other in the implementation of commercial agreements to increase the supply of crude oil to 1 million tons in 2024 and in subsequent years on a long-term basis. In particular, taking into account the agreement on the mutually acceptable price of crude oil and the increase in its volume, the full volume of crude oil transportation across the territory of the countries of the parties will be ensured.

Also, this contract allows for the following goals:

Speedy implementation of the agreement reached between the three heads of state during the discussions held on October 6-7, 2023;
development of supply of oil pipelines, which is cheaper than delivery by railway, taking into account transport costs;
assisting in the development of oil pipeline infrastructure in the Republic of Uzbekistan and bordering regions;
increasing the production efficiency of two plants specializing in oil processing in Uzbekistan in connection with the stable supply of crude oil and the increase in the volume of production of high-quality gasoline and other fuels and lubricants in our country;
the increase in the production of gasoline will increase the possibility of expanding the network of gas stations in Uzbekistan. This provides an opportunity to provide new quality services to the population in the geography of service and fuel sales;
a stable supply of Russian crude oil will help to modernize the existing oil refining capacities, as well as build new ones and expand export production with high added value.

Earlier, Kazakhstan announced that it is ready to study the issue of increasing the volume of oil supplies to Uzbekistan under certain conditions.

At the beginning of the year, Uzbekistan signed an agreement with Russia on the delivery of 300,000 tons of Russian oil. In March, KazTransOil announced plans to transport 250,000 tons of Russian oil to Uzbekistan, but in August, the forecast was reduced to 180,000 tons. In the first half of the year, 48,500 tons of Russian oil were delivered to Uzbekistan via Kazakhstan, and 131,500 tons are planned to be imported in the second half of the year.

In 2022, Kazakhstan exported 87,000 tons of oil to Uzbekistan, and 46,000 tons of oil in 9 months of the current year, although it is planned to deliver 300,000 tons in 2023 . This may indicate that Kazakhstan's oil will be squeezed out by Russia. According to the agreement on the transit of 300 thousand tons of Russian oil through the territory of Kazakhstan , 79 thousand tons have been delivered to Uzbekistan since the beginning of the year.

On October 6, the governments of Uzbekistan and Russia signed agreements on expanding cooperation in the field of oil supply, as well as on the delivery of oil products by rail.

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