13:44 / 07.11.2023

SSS officers detain two law enforcement officials for accepting a bribe (video)

Officials from district prosecutor’s offices in two regions demanded money for providing assistance to citizens suspected of committing criminal offenses.

Photo: Frame from the video

During an operative event carried out by the State Security Service officers, an investigator from the Khodjaabad district prosecutor’s office of Andijan region was detained.

It turned out that he demanded $5,000 for not applying a preventive measure in the form of detention and assistance during the investigation against a suspect in a criminal case initiated under Articles 168 and 228 of the Criminal Code.

The investigator was caught red-handed while receiving the requested amount at a catering establishment.

Based on this fact, the regional prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case under Articles 168 (Fraud) and 211 (Giving a bribe) of the Criminal Code.

During the investigation, it turned out that the investigator acted on the instructions of the deputy district prosecutor, who was also taken into custody.

A similar incident occurred in the Samarkand region. The assistant prosecutor of the Pastdargom district demanded $3,000 from the relatives of a citizen accused in a criminal case for imposing a less severe punishment and providing assistance in releasing him from custody through his contacts in the judiciary.

During an operative event carried out by the Samarkand Regional SSS Department, an assistant prosecutor was caught with material evidence while receiving $2,500.

Currently, a criminal case has been initiated against him under Articles 168 (Fraud) and 211 (Bribery) of the Criminal Code. A preventive measure in the form of detention has been applied against the detainee.


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