10:46 / 21.11.2023

Liability for illegal tree felling to be strengthened

At a meeting of the Ecological Party faction in the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, the draft law “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan” was considered in the second reading.

Photo: Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis

The new version of the Constitution reflects the norms that everyone should have a comfortable environment, the state should take measures to improve, restore and protect the environment, and maintain the ecological balance.

However, even today there are aggressive actions of individuals in relation to objects of the flora, including illegal cutting of trees. This, in turn, causes a deterioration in the overall environmental situation.

The bill establishes administrative liability for the development of project documentation that leads to cutting down, uprooting, damage or destruction of valuable species of trees and shrubs, and also strengthens administrative penalties for illegal cutting, uprooting and damage to trees and eliminates duplicative norms.

In addition, the obligations of persons who illegally cut down or destroyed valuable species of trees and shrubs that are not included in the state forest fund are determined to plant compensatory seedlings of trees and shrubs, instead of illegally cut down and destroyed trees and shrubs, in the place where the felled and destroyed trees sprouted trees and shrubs and care for them for three years, and also provides for the application of financial sanctions to legal entities for illegal cutting or destruction of valuable species of trees and shrubs.

At the meeting, the bill “On the State Budget of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2024” was also discussed in the second reading.

As the deputies noted, in our region the water problem is becoming increasingly urgent. Since funding from the state budget is provided for in 2024, the meeting reviewed target indicators for ensuring environmental safety, improving the environmental situation, and preventing threats to human life and health due to global climate change.

The funds allocated to finance expenses within the framework of the national project “Yashil makon” will be of great importance; the creation of forest plantations to combat wind erosion of irrigated lands and against the introduction of sand into water management facilities, as well as other programs and measures for environmental protection will serve in the future to ensure ecological balance.

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