10:54 / 04.12.2023

22-year-old man dies in Chirchik DIA detention center, Ombudsman investigating the case

Reportedly, a young man who was kept in the detention center of Tashkent Regional DIA died as a result of suicide. But the local deputy wrote that he was found to have a broken nose and injuries on his body. The prosecutor’s office is investigating the case.

Photo: Kun.uz

A young man named Abdulla (born in 2001) died in the detention center of the Chirchik city DIA, Tashkent region, deputy of the city council Jakhongir Tulaganov reported.

According to the MP, although it is said that the young man, who was arrested on suspicion of theft, committed suicide, there was also information that he had a broken nose and a fractured eyebrow.

“Every criminal or suspect who commits a crime must be held accountable before the law, not by death. We must not forget that police officers are responsible for the security of every citizen taken to the DIA,” he wrote.

The press service of Tashkent regional DIA stated that the citizen committed suicide.

It is noted that the 22-year-old A.U. was charged with a criminal case under Article 169-3, Paragraph “v” (Theft, in large quantities) and Article 168-3, Paragraph “b” (Fraud, by a repeated or dangerous recidivist) of the Criminal Code.

During the investigation, it is taken into account that A.U. was previously convicted of Article 164-2, Paragraph “a” of the Criminal Code (Invasion, using a weapon or other things that can be used as a weapon). A preventive measure in the form of imprisonment was applied against him.

“On December 1 around 02:30, A.U., who was being held in detention as part of a criminal case, committed suicide by hanging himself,” the report said.

According to the preliminary conclusion of the forensic examination, the death of the deceased was caused by mechanical asphyxiation of the neck.

The prosecutor’s office is investigating the case.

The human rights representative (Ombudsman) of Oliy Majlis informed that the report entitled “The death of a young man was discharged from the Chirchik city DIA” was being investigated, the case was under control, and information related to the case was requested.

“Collected documents will be studied and sent to the regional prosecutor’s office for review in accordance with the Criminal Procedural Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and additional information will be provided regarding the above situation.

The Ombudsman will control the comprehensive, complete and legal investigation of the above-mentioned reports,” the report said.