20:43 / 04.12.2023

Production of Lacetti cars to be completely discontinued 

UzAuto Motors will stop production of Lacetti-Gentra cars from 2024. This is explained by the global trade policy of General Motors.

UzAuto Motors will stop production of Lacetti-Gentra, the company’s information service reported.

The company attributed the complete removal of this model from the assembly line to GM’s global sales policy.

“The production capacities of the enterprises that produce components for this car will be directed to new models,” the report reads.

According to unconfirmed reports, the Lacetti could be replaced by the Onix, the Cobalt-2 and a new one, yet to be announced affordable Chevrolet model.

For information, UzAuto Motors started production of Lacetti car in 2003. From 2008, serial assembly of this model was launched. In 2013, production of Lacetti-2 (now Gentra) began. After a year, the production of the first generation Lacetti was stopped.

Earlier, it was announced that in the second half of December, online contracting will be opened for popular cars that are planned to be produced in 2024. The contract will be issued for Cobalt, Damas and Labo models.

UzAuto Motors also stopped production of Nexia-3 and Spark at the end of last year.

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